Saturday, November 7, 2009

Phil Gluyas resents disabled autistics

Phil Gluyas is at it again contradicting things I say on the blog he uses to bash me, doing so using no sense at all. He tried to defend the conclusions made from the currently useless UK study I complained about, by saying that the autistics in institutions are a "rather large minority", whatever the fuck that means. This creep is trying to pretend the ones living in those shitholes don't count or don't still exist in significant numbers. He likely hasn't even considered that there could be ones who are homeless. He explains the study saying some shit about specialized employment programs and assimilation into society.

Now this bastard has said that LFAs aren't disabled, and that they're only disabled if they choose to be!! Then he viciously attacked someone's character, by giving an example of one he claims chose to be disabled. Then he went on with the usual inane bullshit that the impairment comes from society. How isn't he contradicting himself when he says that society causes impairment but an LFA is disabled by choice? I wonder how one is to choose not to be disabled. How does one abide by that suck it up, work harder till you drop ideal? I wonder what he expects them to do and try to do. I wonder what pitfalls he would warn them about, considering he once said this: "I constantly find LF's that try to operate like HF's and fail badly - and gives us all a bad name in the process" This mook doesn't know what he's talking about.

He's clearly been following the tactics and explanations of the rest of the neurodiverse freaks, unlike when he used to say what he really thought. He continues to be extremely self-centered and self-loving, and seems to think everything revolves around him, and that he is the final authority on anything he wants to talk about. But Phil isn't too popular with the other ND pushers, but it seems they keep him around to intimidate others and shout them down for going against ND. He's been quoted by others on Aspies For Freedom as saying: “Why do you think she was booted from AFF - aside from being a SELF CONFESSED LFA! (who BTW are INHERENTLY not intelligent – unlike HFA and Aspergers!"

He caught a lot of flack on there for saying that, so then he on that forum defended what he said using his clear understanding that IQ is a sign of functioning level. He even said a particular person was LFA because he thought her contributions to the internet are "hollow and repetitive". He was eventually banned from AFF. ND doesn't consider what he says to be a problem enough for them to go against him and forgo using him for their dictatorial cause. Alongside that, the stronger neurodiverse influence over his disordered ideas, is obvious now as he still works with them.

He still maintains his humungous ego through his ridiculous blogs that bash me and others when we make posts, along with his group of obscure assholes who back him up on his insults of others. I bet they're sock puppets of his. He bans my IP from his website and if I try to go on there it says: "has been banned as it has been used by a person or persons who represent a threat to the mental health of the owner of this website" What a pretentious jerk off! Anyone who sticks to their disagreement with him to his face, is supposedly a threat to his precious vulnerable mental health, which needs delicate protection, as if this lunatic has any mental health!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Starving the trolls

Sadderbutwisergirl has a new post up where she pretends that a diagnosis/label of aspergers is something that some autistics are just "dubbed" with, as if it has nothing to do with apparent level of disability and lack thereof. She also went on portraying the curing of those who are low-functioning as an extermination, typical of her hysteria where she likes to accuse anyone who favors cure of being a nazi. I think it's interesting that she let it slip that she knows that there are varying degrees of disability within the spectrum. She then went on with a misleading bizarre interpretation of the curative approach to the problem, and then she throws in a quote from Orwell. Damn, I hate it when so many individuals make hackneyed references to Orwell to prop up reactionary ideals, and to belittle helpful progressive measures.

She deleted all of my comments on her post after a while. She accused me somewhere of having only skimmed over her post. She even refers to my commenting with my opinion as "derailing the conversation", when conversation wasn't even really happening anyway. She, like the others, wouldn't mind having a dissent-free group think conversation, with nothing but pats on the back, and extra phony rhetoric in an echo chamber. Any talking to them that disagrees with them, is called trolling by them over and over. Then they come up with new slogans/phrases like "don't feed the trolls" and "concern troll". They often can't come up with anything cogent to refute what's been said to them, so their insults tell me that they're just full of shit.

I wonder if that accusation of skimming is just another example of those on her side deeming anyone who doesn't agree with what they say as having not listened to them, as if knowing what they say must lead one to agree with it as if it's fact. I don't like how she pretends to be some underdog prone to being mistreated, who so self-righteously knows so much better than others about how to handle these issues, sometimes with her black and white thinking, just because some entities have been assholes to her in the past. She is neither sad nor wise.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fudging the numbers

I saw a new post by abfh, where she claims that most autistic adults are employed, citing a recent UK study about autistic adults, which was discussed by Joseph. That study only included ones living in houses, not ones living in institutions. That is obvious from just looking at the title of the study. I wonder what excuse she has for omitting that important fact which shatters the validity of what she concluded from the study. I think she's very comfortable with that lie, as it's part of the recent tactic of the neurodiverse hysterics, to pretend and try to get people to believe that the low-functioning don't really exist, by claiming they're only a small minority of the spectrum, among other nonsense. Since they could not justify to enough people their anti-cure crusade to maintain the obvious wide disparities in ability within the spectrum, they now resort to deny reality even further through implying that almost nobody on the spectrum is impaired, like autism only concerns high-functioning poindexters.

I even saw someone basically say that the majority even of LFA aren't very impaired. Corina commented on the blog that Phil Gluyas made to rebut and bash me, that it can't be assumed that anyone labeled HFA is less disabled than someone labeled LFA, as she says she sees no evidence of that. She pretends to know so fucking much as she departs from common sense and common knowledge on autism. I wonder if she'd like to imply that she has more impairments than someone who is LFA. She also implies somewhere else that Aspergers makes up a very large part of the 1 in 100 prevalence statistic. She implies I'm full of shit by saying that all I know about autism is from unnamed internet sources, because I don't specifically enumerate the various sources I've received information about autism from. I'd like to know where this phony bitch gets her information, and what autistics she chooses to interact with to base her claims on. The cruelty by which they deny what is going on is amazing, and they act like it's a joke.