Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The "downtrodden" undermining the downtrodden

I just can't keep ignoring Kowalski's affront to real mentally disabled people who really have to deal with getting services from one's government due to really needing them. She's been implying lately that she is really impaired, partly by claiming that she needs government benefits and even a caregiver from the government to visit her, while what she writes about herself belies any such need. She was complaining that her caregiver hasn't visited in a while and that she needs help applying for benefits. And now she claims she has a cleaner. I bet she doesn't consider how ironic it is that she complains of living in a nanny state, while the goals she moans in favor of would leave real disabled autistics permanently beholden to and dependent on the same kind of nanny states she mentions.

She knows it would appear extra brutal and mean if she railed against the need of cure of the truly disabled on the spectrum, if she was known to others as someone who isn't impaired and is highly capable. I can still tell what a monster she is. If only she didn't portray herself as a downtrodden and unfortunate member of some underclass, I wonder how she would bolster her credibility to talk so much about issues of mental disability, especially of her nonsensical incessant application of banal identity politics to autism. There isn't much else to see in what she writes besides ableism this, ableist that, amongst other drivel she rants about. Why should she be considered as being serious with real disabilty issues while she rants on so much about unrelated issues?

This liar even claimed that successful autistics are all throughout the spectrum, due to perseveration, as if nobody on the spectrum is deprived of the mental resources needed to produce success. From that, one would likely conclude that unsuccessful ones just need to keep at what they're trying to do and to try harder, and that highly successful ones just succeeded due to persistence and not due to starting out with a high amount of potential which they didn't work for. I think the ones with impairments have struggled enough. This woman is extremely disgusting to me. I hope there aren't too many out there who are convinced by her distortions, as that would prevent true progress.