Wednesday, September 30, 2009

response to "Kowalski Discovers The Cure!"

Someone called Kowalski says the idea of a cure for the disabling aspects of autism doesn't make sense, as she claims the disabling aspects are the "flipsides" of the amazing capabilities that "they" have. Well, that seems so convincing since she decided not to mention that the disabling aspects are concentrated in the autistics who are lower functioning, the same ones who get few of the benefits, while the ones on the spectrum who get the lion's share of the amazing capabilities, are often the ones who aren't saddled with the burden of the disabling aspects, and go on without impairments. So when it comes to an individual, the disabling aspects aren't inseparable from the capabilities. But across the spectrum, the flipsides are inherent.

This is another instance of an anti-cure slime disregarding and lying about the tremendous gap in functional level between the very high-functioning aspies and the similar, and the low-functioning. Some of them even pretend to be disgusted by the idea of involving hierarchy, by saying they don't like the hierarchy that the use of high and low functioning labels creates! Heeelllooo?! The hierarchy is already around, and has been around for a long time, the same hierarchy that you benefit from, and consequently support and defend with considerable effort! What do you think it's called the autistic SPECTRUM for? These phonies are not clueless about the unfair reality, and are basically trying to distract and confuse others from it and about it, to keep themselves from looking like the greedy elites that they really are!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Phonies encouraging cowardice

Where does Kim Wombles get off talking of community building? She doesn't give a shit about having any egalitarian community. Stand up for those who can't stand for themselves? She doesn't want them to be capable of standing for themselves in pursuit of their own interests or to even know they have a natural right to do so. What can this lead to besides the paternalistic caregivers/protectors bolstering their higher position in society while aggrandizing themselves further, and then telling the vulnerable ones that they "protect", what they do and do not have a right to?

Redefine success she says? I'm disgusted at what she redefines it as. Being of service to others as success means shit in that context. The hell with living to serve; to serve those of a higher stratum! I hate the idea of accepting and settling for mediocre outcomes. Success won't need to be redefined for the fortunate ones on the spectrum who aren't mentally impaired, as they get even extra success. Make the world a "softer" place? What a bunch of cornball nonsense! What is the point of this phony "acceptance"? This has nothing to do with caring about dignity and prosperity for all! She has no business complaining about "dehumanization" while her goal only guarantees the lower functioning the social status of pets!

Why shouldn't the parents be disappointed if they care for their childrens' future? The disappointment isn't much different from the disappointment that is experienced by the unfortunate autistic individuals themselves. I wonder which autistic individuals she wants the issues in the autistic community to be about, and who she thinks those same individuals should get to enforce their will on. Kickass kumbaya?! What kind of bullshit is that? I call it kissass kumbaya, as it involves kissing the asses of the privileged pigs who want to be in charge, while letting those creeps undermine future chances for drastic therapeutic help that would bring so much fortune to those without it!

Screw the idea of all involved getting along and pretending everything is fine, and that all of them have the same advantage and are getting a decent deal, with a bunch of phony smiles on their faces! That makes me want to hurl! No peace. No kumbaya until the enemies lose their grip on control and real reform is done. Euphemism saturated positivity bullshit won't fix anything! Her benevolent attitude seems very phony considering her comparison of one parent's efforts at therapy for her child to Munchausen's syndrome, and her thinking that parents who dare complain about their child's condition should be smacked upside the head to bring them back to "reality". I'd like to see her and that other snotty liar Corina who also likes the idea try it. I wonder how it would turn out for them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

listen up nutjobs!

What would timelord and the other guy do if they didn't have me to bash? Where do you get off calling me "lazy" after all you heard of me?! What makes you so much more diligent than me? Whether or not I personally don't deserve to be spared of your ridicule isn't the issue to me. I would detest letting you make an example out of me, making out what you do to me a reason why one shouldn't dare stand against the agenda you defend. I also hate that you ridicule and try to undermine others who really are innocent. I can't ignore that you and your phony friends use me to try to boost your egos and reputations, anytime I raise an objection, even well after I said something! I think you get too much pleasure from demonizing me. And timelord, stop trying to silence me! Stop trying to muzzle anyone who doesn't tolerate your crazy ideas!