Friday, July 9, 2010

Phil Gluyas is scared to respond

Phil again doesn't want to comment to me directly, but wants to just ridicule me on his response blog against me, along with his sissy kiss-up friends who make prissy and pointless remarks. He is too challenged by my rebuttals to his responses to let me comment on there. So I'll put what I have to say back here:

Autreat isn't going to promote understanding of the spectrum to those on the outside who ought to know many things of it. Who is getting informed as a result of it? You have no intention of helping those on the lower end of the spectrum as your ideas of solutions are phony delusions that contain no goal-oriented action. Autreat is run by a cabal that wants to stop efforts toward cure, and so has no regard to the progress of the lower functioning, as without a cure based on biological modification/enhancement, functioning can't go up much.

I don't want to be helped? I get tired of being at home nearly 24/7 with minimal income and having to sponge off my parents with nothing much to do with myself. You know that but your idea of help can't be anything that leads to real improved conditions. I guess you're right in that few understand the spectrum. The professionals I've encountered seemed to not really grasp just how much disability there is for many to deal with, didn't seem to grasp the pattern involved with it, and only seemed to be considering a few basic concepts involved with the spectrum.

In my situation, I think there are funding problems going on and my vocational counselor seemed to me not to want to tell me how awful the situation is with it and how long I may have to wait. But I think I've seen a lot of wasteful tendencies going on with rigid planning and repetitive, uninformative things being told to me. Stuff I already know and the such. I don't think it's fear that is preventing services. I'm starting to get the idea that many don't care, that those in control need to be urged to put forth efforts and resources.

As someone who is not a doctor, your opinion is of less validity than that of the licensed professional who diagnosed me and that of the other one who said in his opinion I was. I didn't go doctor shopping or put on some act to get recognition. What do you have to back up your assertions, and why do you resort to claiming I'm not on the spectrum? I've been wondering since 2002 about whether I was on the spectrum or not.

Who are you and the others to decide what attitude is too volatile? She hasn't demonstrated anywhere near the level of hostility that is characteristic of those favored by Autreat. Why should someone with her life experience be deprived of a platform by those who want to show no common courtesy?

I wonder what scheming characters were picked for that panel, and what kind of answers they had to the questions designed by those in control of the conference, to put on their show, and whether they made genuine and informative answers to some in attendance who may have been in dire circumstances and looking for practical answers. What could be expected of the types of individuals who control the agenda, considering what they do the rest of the time?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Auti$m books for the neuroperverse

I haven't posted in a while as I've seen less significant activity at the blogs of the anti-cure enemies. But a lot has been on my mind as I've been away long, and much of it angers and nearly enrages me. So I've been compelled to talk of what I see to be going on, now that the phony advocates have brought themselves onto broader and influential forums. I bet many of you have heard of this new book that has come out by some "educational consultant", Thomas Armstrong PhD, called: Neurodiversity: Discovering the Extraordinary Gifts of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Brain Differences. From looking at the list of the other books this charlatan has published, he's obviously one of those phonies who promotes a lot of corny nonsense regarding education and intelligence. The usual hogwash bolstered with a lot of creative trickery, to try to convince others that anyone can succeed, that intelligence doesn't matter, that there are "multiple intelligences", and which even rolls together intelligence with totally unrelated concepts in a meaningless way. There's nothing in his credentials and accomplishments to back up the huge list of his claims.

With the kind of books this guy writes, I bet he preys on weak-willed desperate parents who have reason to worry for their childrens' chances at success, in which delusions typical to what he writes go along with their demoralization. Now this phony, not having made enough money from the saps who read his other books, is going to try to make another chunk of money by getting involved in the burgeoning farce of misinformation and bizarre outlooks about the autism spectrum. Just when you thought there weren't enough ways to line one's pockets off of this problem.

From reading the kinds of stuff this guy says, I am disgusted at his daft ideas which sadly are becoming prevalently used to damage and confuse further the progression of the issues within society he talks of. This vermin, as many others are, is obsessed with the concept of "diversity" in a seemingly abstract way, in which its context in society has no necessary meaning. This scumbag's assertions are like a perversity of diversity.

I wish enough others out there would realize that this career phony has no genuine concern for youth or for their growth. His psychobabble supports the mentality of those in his racket to mold anyone and everyone into an amorphous, meaningless, yet verbosely described, slab of mud, containing no sensual qualities, and open to arbitrary interpretation. This guy has no shame for his disregard for the true misery and horrific conditions endured by autistics who hardly are even seen in the public light. I guess he has no worry of being confronted by those who he shits on. I'd like to see this useless freak get a real job for a living. The dirtbags who get off on this kind of happy-talk to accompany ignorance of misfortune need to be told to shove it.

But this is the type of jerk who seizes the opportunity when observing troublesome ambiguities in societal issues, to aggrandize himself by grabbing attention by shouting sweeping statements and making up explanations that are simple, non-challenging, and encompassing of any and all things, all with no actual proof. I have minimal faith that the many out there who have only selfish intentions, will resist to use the power and regressive nature of this putrid bullshit to support their own positions when circumstances allow.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Aucreeps of Autreat

I've been looking around to hear some stuff about what went on with Autreat this year. It still lives up to an annoying and disturbing reputation. Seems like there was a lot of pseudo-intellectual hogwash discussed at the presentations, that likely had hardly anything to do with actually making various conditions somewhat tolerable for many on the spectrum. I heard that in attendance, there were some advocates who work with local agencies and organizations, so I wonder what accomplishments are being made by them.

I wonder how much funding it requires to bankroll conferences like this, and how various entities came to decisions to appropriate money for it. Yet still there is so much stress involved in getting services and programs accessible for many on the spectrum. I think of the lack of money spent on such things and the misallocation of resources going on, while something like this is somehow funded, which has so many pointless, over-hyped aspects to it. I have waited around for over a year while dealing with bureaucracies in various ways, to try to get services, since before and even after I received my Aspergers diagnosis. So many that I've dealt with seem not to know what to do with me. And the waiting time I'm dealing with so far, is lucky compared to the very long delays experienced by so many others on the spectrum. I seldom see the anti-cure individuals specifically talk of such inefficiencies when mentioning the need for services. I heard on Clay Adams' blog that Amanda Baggs couldn't attend, which is nice to hear, but that she sent an audio which was presented.

I get tired of how things like Autreat are purported to provide environments likable and convenient for autistics, while they are so willing to exclude real autistics who refuse to agree with their nonsense, and even invite non-autistics to join them, and ones that are screwing over the majority of autistics at that. Such as the hack autism researcher Morton Gernsbacher, who did a presentation this year in which she used her credentials to repudiate functioning labels. They also had some thing called "Ask an NT" Panel. I wonder what kind of a farce that was designed to be.

Since Autreat claims to be run by autistics for autistics, I wonder which autistics among them they have in mind, since they also say that they focus on "positive living with autism", but not on causes and cures, which are things of interest to many on the spectrum. These leaders have let it be obvious that they're happy to team up with some slimy characters who are non-autistic, to help undermine efforts to devise a cure and to even understand why one is needed. I know from this that Autreat is just another instance of intellectually-elite autistics serving their own interests to further their own success, while suppressing the needs of the deeply impaired autistics .