Friday, November 6, 2009

Starving the trolls

Sadderbutwisergirl has a new post up where she pretends that a diagnosis/label of aspergers is something that some autistics are just "dubbed" with, as if it has nothing to do with apparent level of disability and lack thereof. She also went on portraying the curing of those who are low-functioning as an extermination, typical of her hysteria where she likes to accuse anyone who favors cure of being a nazi. I think it's interesting that she let it slip that she knows that there are varying degrees of disability within the spectrum. She then went on with a misleading bizarre interpretation of the curative approach to the problem, and then she throws in a quote from Orwell. Damn, I hate it when so many individuals make hackneyed references to Orwell to prop up reactionary ideals, and to belittle helpful progressive measures.

She deleted all of my comments on her post after a while. She accused me somewhere of having only skimmed over her post. She even refers to my commenting with my opinion as "derailing the conversation", when conversation wasn't even really happening anyway. She, like the others, wouldn't mind having a dissent-free group think conversation, with nothing but pats on the back, and extra phony rhetoric in an echo chamber. Any talking to them that disagrees with them, is called trolling by them over and over. Then they come up with new slogans/phrases like "don't feed the trolls" and "concern troll". They often can't come up with anything cogent to refute what's been said to them, so their insults tell me that they're just full of shit.

I wonder if that accusation of skimming is just another example of those on her side deeming anyone who doesn't agree with what they say as having not listened to them, as if knowing what they say must lead one to agree with it as if it's fact. I don't like how she pretends to be some underdog prone to being mistreated, who so self-righteously knows so much better than others about how to handle these issues, sometimes with her black and white thinking, just because some entities have been assholes to her in the past. She is neither sad nor wise.


  1. Actually I think we can cut SBWG a tad of slack when we take into consideration she is a 16 year old kid who has considerable growing up to do. You can blame her behavior on the higher echelons of ND who take the "teach your children well" approach to indoctrinating its potential disciples. When ND in general and autism hub members in particular attempt to prosthelytize autistics, they go for the most vulnerable, ones who are younger or who appear to have limited intelligence because this is who will buy into the ND crap.

  2. I can see what you mean. She sure does seem to have accepted their rhetoric and patterns of ideas without question. I used to fall for a lot of silly ideas when I was that age. I wonder what she'll think in the coming years. ND sometimes seems to go after ones with chips on their shoulders.

  3. I haven't read the particular post in question (but I get the 'jist' and I've seen more than enough of similar to sicken and last a lifetime)

    I'm not inclined to excuse any of this based on age or much of anything else. The bottom line is this garbage is nothing short of devastating to people who are actually autistic.

    This is not the stuff any civil rights movement was ever made of, the fact that this is in fact not about anyone's civil rights at all but rather simply an issue of 'the latest 'goth' or 'emo' movement cruelly stepping into matters, this time, of the severely disabled, becomes more and more evident all the time.

    I have to believe that enough people are going to have to gather to say "enough of this" and that those who base their decisions on popularity or whatever (such as our government) are going to in turn have to at least respond to this, where common sense seems to be failing everyone otherwise so far.

    we can't really have a modern Bettelheim and precursor to the gas vans of the third reich, a mass propoganda campaign put on by complete bullshitters to enable people like Ari Ne'erman and the more artful at manipulating the system to get communicators and devices they never needed while the Sams and the Conners of the world are made out on paper to be just like the Ari's Amanda and "SadderbuttWiser" so they may be denied or their supports based solely on how savvy their parents are to override this mess Neuordiveristy is making, can they?

    When do people get tired of crap like this and say they've had enough (notice this particular person trying to make her buck on the back of those with Autism calls herself having "classic Autism")

    The government and pharmaceuticals are avowed of any responsibility for what they've caused, never-mind providing any supports for it, the worried well 'lets intellectualize autism" modern goth college kids, and its 'only' the voiceless, those who are at the bottom of this proverbial 'food chain' those who can least defend for themselves/ourselves and who need the most defending who lose out, and hard

    When do we, anybody who can, who is able at all, parents, the handful out there like myself who CAN speak for ourselves, anyone with a conscience, anyone at all, when do we all of us, say we've had enough and grow and say it enough and loud and long enough until we are heard (no matter who's pocket takes a little less lining for so help me God, one time, to do the Right Thing instead)?


    At least when beggers and con artists of old got out on the street and pretended to be blind to panhandle quarters, they weren't in the process mouthing off about how those who really are blind 'make 'em look bad' and should be shut out of sight and denied or how there was somehow some 'spectrum' of sightednes that would allow for such criminal acts...

  4. I know I'm a little late here but the artist Kim Miller does have "classic autism." She was a non-verbal child, classically autistic in every way, who received early intervention and was in special education.

    "Kim Miller is an artist who happens to have autism. She is unlike many other autistic individuals for the fact that she was born with the disability. As an infant, the effects of the disorder plagued her daily life. At the age of 3 when she was finally diagnosed, she presented 35 of 50 symptoms of classic autism. She did not have a communication system until she learned to use sign language and with several other failed and successful systems, she learned how to eventually speak but could not functionally communicate."

    And Droopy, why do you always pretend that you are the only non-verbal autistic who can communicate? Have you never heard of Lucy Blackman? Or is she also a fraud? And yes, there are others.