Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazed hysteria derived ideology

Two of the shit talking creeps I've previously written about, are saying some weird things this time in their pursuits to craft the perception that others have of them regarding what they preach. Almandite is at it again with her applying her own emotional instability to issues that affect far many others besides her in ways she doesn't bear the highest burden of. She claims that independent living at college isn't going well for her but she can't explain why or what's making it problematic. What a fucking joke.

One either has a problem or doesn't, and explaining it shouldn't be a mystery. When I was away at college for the first semester, I knew what awful problems I had in living on my own around others at the dormitory which led me to leave the dorm, and I knew what I was feeling about it. I had my mind on real problems. I hurt over real problems. She hasn't enumerated any actual problems she has with living on her own, but rather seems to be to an unbalanced emotional wreck. She goes on with some daft ideas about what others may be thinking about her in regards to her wanting and seeking help and other things, which she admits they may not even be thinking and haven't even said to her.

Then this freak goes on to cite her own crazed circumstances and thoughts to back up her vile claim that independence shouldn't be pushed, and again bashes the recognition of functional levels. Then she works her way to a long winded explanation of hers about why independence isn't necessary or wanted by all! She claims she shouldn't be considered high-functioning and even goes on to dismissively complain about the "stereotype" of the low-functioning autistic. I wish she would stop ridiculing the highly disabled on the spectrum, who don't have or need fabricated emotional reasons for why they aren't doing well.

Kowalski just went on with a bunch of pretentious complaints, but also, an interesting list of which groups within neurodiversity she feels compelled to lash out at. I wonder how extreme, or particularly how coercive, she would like the agenda to be. This makes me wonder if she is just a marginal individual within neuroperversity's domain of influence. I'm sick of how she fronts like she's some impressive radical who is all into "social justice" issues, to make what she has to say seem important and helpful and not as just the destructive ideas of a spoiled misanthrope.

I'm convinced this phony is deceptively exaggerating in claiming to be impaired with her ridiculous and contradictory stories of herself. Seems to me she just doesn't want to get a job. This welfare-state leeching gutter rat has no credibility pretending to be a marginalized underdog with progressive virtue. Makes me want to hurl. The hypocrisy of slobs like them makes me cringe in anger. I think it's interesting Kowalski mentions she has difficulty with anger and bites herself, because I also bite myself in anger when reading hers and others' restraining and oppressive lies crafted as anti-oppression.

It would sicken me if slime such as them were accepted to any extent as the voice of disability from the spectrum. The formation of this kind of a perception of the disadvantaged on the spectrum, in the minds of those who have the authority to affect policy, is one that can't be afforded by the highly disabled on the spectrum who are already up against enough problems, especially when it comes to getting access to help.

I'm sitting here while actually being highly disabled, also being confirmed as such with diagnosis, and I have to know that these poindexter scum are out there making a mockery of the reality of mental disability, pretending it makes sense to supposedly care so much yet wanting impairment to remain, all while this comes out of the mouths of those who aren't impaired, many of whom can or will get to live it up as they please if they please!

Where are such choices for everyone else? For those who don't have basic abilities ensured to them who have to deal with others to just get by? For those who don't have genius IQs? Where do they get off omitting to explain how "social justice" isn't violated by those advocates having obscene amounts of abilities and therefore choices and opportunities, while others are forced to begging and neediness? Well, they of course would continue to pretend that no such disparity in opportunity exists, nor that meaningful disparities in ability exist. It enrages me how some of the cognitively privileged so carelessly misuse and waste their opportunities, while I could only dream of what I would do with my ambitions had I possessed their aptitude.


  1. You'd think that the thing an autistic person would want most is to live alone, to have complete control over the environment they live in.

    But, obviously, some don't want this.

    I definitely do and am working hard on learning how to "not be autistic."

    I hope one day I can be independent.

  2. That's a great point Stephanie.

  3. If you want complete control, Stephanie, you have to wear your diagnosis on your sleeve. Trying to not be autistic won't get you what you want.

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