Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Phonies encouraging cowardice

Where does Kim Wombles get off talking of community building? She doesn't give a shit about having any egalitarian community. Stand up for those who can't stand for themselves? She doesn't want them to be capable of standing for themselves in pursuit of their own interests or to even know they have a natural right to do so. What can this lead to besides the paternalistic caregivers/protectors bolstering their higher position in society while aggrandizing themselves further, and then telling the vulnerable ones that they "protect", what they do and do not have a right to?

Redefine success she says? I'm disgusted at what she redefines it as. Being of service to others as success means shit in that context. The hell with living to serve; to serve those of a higher stratum! I hate the idea of accepting and settling for mediocre outcomes. Success won't need to be redefined for the fortunate ones on the spectrum who aren't mentally impaired, as they get even extra success. Make the world a "softer" place? What a bunch of cornball nonsense! What is the point of this phony "acceptance"? This has nothing to do with caring about dignity and prosperity for all! She has no business complaining about "dehumanization" while her goal only guarantees the lower functioning the social status of pets!

Why shouldn't the parents be disappointed if they care for their childrens' future? The disappointment isn't much different from the disappointment that is experienced by the unfortunate autistic individuals themselves. I wonder which autistic individuals she wants the issues in the autistic community to be about, and who she thinks those same individuals should get to enforce their will on. Kickass kumbaya?! What kind of bullshit is that? I call it kissass kumbaya, as it involves kissing the asses of the privileged pigs who want to be in charge, while letting those creeps undermine future chances for drastic therapeutic help that would bring so much fortune to those without it!

Screw the idea of all involved getting along and pretending everything is fine, and that all of them have the same advantage and are getting a decent deal, with a bunch of phony smiles on their faces! That makes me want to hurl! No peace. No kumbaya until the enemies lose their grip on control and real reform is done. Euphemism saturated positivity bullshit won't fix anything! Her benevolent attitude seems very phony considering her comparison of one parent's efforts at therapy for her child to Munchausen's syndrome, and her thinking that parents who dare complain about their child's condition should be smacked upside the head to bring them back to "reality". I'd like to see her and that other snotty liar Corina who also likes the idea try it. I wonder how it would turn out for them.


  1. Billy, I do not mind serving. I as an ASD may not be able to help myself but maybe I can try to help others in someway.

    Billy, there is this young 20 year old woman who is strung out on all kinds of drugs, has 4 kids, lives in motel rooms, and is beaten by her boyfriend every night. She is probably in much worse shape then either of us put together. I am going to do things to help her and those like her out.

    I have already given money to homeless folks as a start whenever I could.

    I do not hate, loathe, or detest you. I hate this system that we all live in.

  2. Billy I love you as a fellow human being and the truth is I do not believe in God Bless America. I believe in God Bless Everyone, Everywhere including you and John Best Jr.

    When I have given the homeless folks money it brought good feelings to me. The truth is Billy, it is better to give than receive.

  3. I think you can help yourself significantly, but your idea of serving isn't what I thought of as unlikable. I don't doubt that it is rewarding and admirable to give to and to help others. I haven't liked the idea of serving in the context of someone's capacity and willingness to serve being an excuse to keep that person in an unfortunate and deprived position.

    I don't like the kind of unfair reciprocity it promotes between the disadvantaged person and the fortunate person that they in some way serve, in return for whatever affection and small benefits the fortunate person chooses to give in return.

    I don't like the system either. I hate it a lot and think of it frequently, but it hasn't been my goal to be pissed off all the time. I just tend not to ignore the problems and can't resist my indignation at it.

  4. Billy, I think you can help yourself as well. If you're telling the truth about some of the problems you have I have some of them as well.

    Billy, if you hate the system too than challenge it. Challenge those who say them to you. Challenge these advocates for self-responsibilty on what they say. Call them upon their words. This is what I'm doing.

    Billy, challenge the American Constitution itself. Challenge these advocates and ask how these 3 inalienable rights are truly inalienable when they can conflict. Case in point: The Typhoid Mary Case.

    In fact, challenge the founding fathers themselves.

  5. Lurker,
    Kim learned that Kumbiya junk at Weightwatchers. They enable each other to eat chocolate while they watch Oprah and think that, as long as they pay their Sweathogs Anonymous dues, it's OK to go off their diets.

  6. I've basically just expected to help myself get into a stable lifestyle. I'm not sure how much I can help myself or be helped. I have no reason to lie about my problems. I know my problems are complicated and quite unusual, which makes them difficult for me to manage and deal with, but I try.

    I do challenge the system sometimes. I've been thinking about challenging others' notions of self-responsibility more often. I wonder a lot about what they really mean by self-responsibility. I like challenging the way many talk of the constitution as a reason to justify their unhelpful ideas and their resistance to change. I doubt the founding fathers could have anticipated the contemporary conditions which need to be met with according changes in society. I also doubt that they would have thought some of the rules and legal concepts would have remained the same after so much time has passed.

  7. Cresp, you've got no idea. Kim's on the ball and you don't want to know about it. You're against equality - that's obvious.

  8. Phil, she is talking childish platitudes that nobody truly believes. It's condescending and I hate the detriment that results from adhering to such a mindset. How are you for equality? What she says isn't harmonious with or permissive of equality.

  9. And I suppose you are harmonious? You reap what you sow.

  10. Harmonious with what? What is your point? I argued that what she says isn't consistent with a favoring of equality.

  11. You can't preach harmony when you show none. I think that's what Timelord was meaning.

  12. congrats on new blog, lurker. I had not noticed it before today.

  13. you're welcome, I have just given you a link on autism's gadfly


    Billy and Jonathan, the truth is America has become compromised. America has become a totalitarian, Orwellian superstate. In essence, "we the people" are now synonymous with big brother. You must not only obey "We the People" you must love "we the people." There is no deviation form "we the people."

    The truth is our constitution is based upon three supposed inalienable rights(life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) but what happens if these conflict like the typhoid mary case? If this happens, one must supersede the other.

    What most people forget is that our founding fathers derived some of their stuff from John Locke. John Locke had two more rules that applied to our inalienable rights meaning they were alienable under certain conditions. These were life must come before liberty and liberty must come before pursuit of happiness.

    Billy and Jonathan, the conditions of America have become intolerable towards certain underclasses because of the mechanics of this system. In fact, America is declining as the years go by.

    In America as the years go by it is harder and harder to become an employer and one must become an employee. This prevents the trying of new ideas. This means the employer of today run things and pretty much sets the rules of who is hired or not.

    These employers care only about one thing and that is power. Money is a means to this end. These employers want drones. They do not want free thinkers in their companies. They do not want people to challenge or buck their systems.

    Another problem is you can't just up and start a business. You have to go through tons of regulations in order to do so. This relegates most people to employee status.

    Billy, the advocates for self-responsibility want freedom and more of it. I ask them what is freedom. Orwell asked the same thing. These advocates say we are fighting for freedom in the war on terror. I ask again like orwell asked, what exactly is freedom?

    What happens if the advocates version of freedom is affecting people's lives? I say, these advocates have violated the underclasses right to life since the underclasses cannot get or maintain a job.

    I say the constitution has become our domestic enemy and it is time to throw it off and it needs to be redesigned with a more emphasis on life, then liberty, then the pursuit of happiness. The views of JBJr need to be rejected and thrown into the dustbin of history. The founding fathers were human and had to compromise many times.

  15. I argued that what she says isn't consistent with a favoring of equality.

    And you're wrong - and arguing that without a single basis in fact. In other words, you're being a troll again. Old habits die hard don't they?

    Nice to know that Mitchell likes linking to the blogs of trolls. Says plenty about him!

    (Cube Demon - don't bother!)

  16. Phil, I'm not wrong. What I said isn't deniable. There is no way to decipher what she wrote as being in agreement with all forms of equality. You have no facts.

  17. No, YOU don't have any facts. You're being a typical troll just making trouble.

  18. Phil, stop calling anyone a troll who dares to disagree with you. I'm not having a factual legalistic argument just to analyze something that someone said. Try to refute what I said or shut up! I didn't make the trouble. The trouble were the statements that were said that I responded to.

  19. Cube, I wish there wasn't a declining emphasis on protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in general. I think there seem to be lax and limited efforts to protect life in ways it can be protected. There have been situations where the right to life can conflict with the other two rights, but I think there have been times where the protection of life has been used as a pretext to remove the right to liberty. In the instances where a liberty is in conflict with the right to life, it isn't usually onerous to restrict that specific liberty accordingly.

    I don't know how the system can continue without its exploitation of the underclasses which it maintains. Sometimes I'm still surprised America isn't as strong as it used to be or is supposed to be. There isn't a lot of social mobility for the underclasses and many measures of prosperity/well-being in this country are mediocre.

    The circumstances of being an employee or employer sure are a problem. I also wish the new ideas of many had chances of being tried. I hear so many imply that employers at the high levels get and keep their positions and compensation through a meritocracy and through really earning it, but I hear about executives who get bonuses even when their business suffers or who get golden parachutes. I wonder how many of them don't make a highly valuable contribution to making products of value.

    The employers in general haven't been making things greater and there doesn't seem to be a lot of material growth, with these monopolies in the large industries, including the ones favored by the government, and with so much business and money being made in the financial/speculation sector. The stockholders don't seem to be doing a lot aside from trying to make a fast buck buying/selling while not looking after those running the businesses.

    It's frustrating that there still are so many unnecessary regulations to just start a business while the large companies can buy influence and favor with lobbyists.
    I'd like to know who the advocates of self-responsibility who call for freedom, want to have freedom, and what kinds of freedom they intend. I don't like how they basically mean economic freedom to exploit others economically without regard for fairness. There sure is less of a chance of keeping one's own life when one doesn't have a job. I'd love to see some strong amendments to the constitution since there is such a lack of real democracy now with all the special interests and the consequent stagnation when it comes to necessary changes and measures.

  20. Cresp, you are trolling. You are against equality. That's all I need to say to refute you - and prove that you are an idiot and a threat to the Spectrum support structures that are required. A threat that doesn't listen - and is therefore a troll.

    Making trouble by denying equality. Shut up.

  21. Phil, while there exists those with low mental capacity and those who are very adept, apt, and capable, there undeniably is inequality. That's what I hate. Whose side are you on in that issue? If you want to refute me, you have to back up what you claim about me. Who believes the word of you about anything as if you're an absolute authority on anything? I'm getting sick of this giant fucking ego of yours. Oh how dare I be a troublemaker and speak out against the status quo.

  22. You're the one with the ego, Cresp! And you don't like it when I deflate it as it deserves to be. You hate being unequal? GOOD! Now do something about it! Oh that's right - you won't because you're LAZY! That's the refuting you wanted. I've backed up everything I've claimed and you don't want to know about it!

    You don't have a low mental capacity. You couldn't run this blog if you did.

    I'm starting to enjoy myself here. You love giving yourself enough rope to hang yourself. Keep it up!

  23. Phil, I can't help being unequal. I can't fix my weak brain as there may not yet be a way to do so. I can't be as adept as others who have brains that are much better functioning and built up. I don't have access to their brains. It doesn't require much mental capacity to run a blog. What things I can do aren't enough to get by on. What is your conception about the concept of equality? What are your real thoughts on it, and be specific?

  24. Billy, if you truly are not lazy then join me in what I want to accomplish.

    Help me to discredit this constitution and help me to construct a new one.

    Help me to prove that these advocates for self-responsibility are the true narcissists and the true ones with extreme sense of entitlement.

    Billy, help me to make a better world for not just us ASDs, not those with disabilites but for everyone.

  25. You don't have a weak brain. You have a lazy brain, which can be fixed. It does require more mental capacity than you claim you have! Equality is everyone being treated fairly and as human beings. Not as inferior, and not be denied services that they have a right to. Anyone who tries to make these claims based on a lie (as you do) is not entitled to fair treatment. Your behaviour seeks to deny our efforts to be regarded as human beings. The fact that you try to put yourself over as inferior is the giveaway. You aren't. Laziness doesn't make you inferior. It makes you a joke.

    That's my last comment on this blog.

  26. "Equality is everyone being treated fairly and as human beings." That's not enough for equality. What about equality in outcomes and in having wanted things to experience in life? What about equality in level of ability and capability?

    "Your behaviour seeks to deny our efforts to be regarded as human beings." You don't know what it is to be human! Stop expecting sympathy for the suffering of you and those like you, while you promote obliviousness about the suffering of those around you!

  27. Lurker,
    I guess you're lucky that Phil Gluyas has made his last comment here. He gave me a good laugh though when he called you a troll on your own blog. Poor Phil thinks all sane people are trolls. Mind like a steel trap. He learned the Neuroinsanity manual well.

    I tried to engage Mrs Wombles in a discussion last night about the origin of the cult of Neuroinsanity. She used the excuse that I made some of the mentally challenged people who visit her blog uncomfortable to delete my comments.

    As with all of the celebrating mental illness crowd, she just doesn't have the brains to face up to any honest discussion about autism.

  28. Yeah Foresam, I was getting tired of his baseless ideas and obstruction of anything I said. There's nothing to gain in talking to Phil. I can't stand how Wombles laughs off and dismisses criticism of her, while brushing anyone off that uses a reasonable argument. It seems nobody can count on talking about the issue with her without her just resorting to childish platitudes.

  29. Lurker,
    I find that most obese broads act the same way. They're used to pretending that they can ignore people who don't enable laziness and gluttony.

  30. Fuckwit Fil doesn't have a mind
    he talks bullshit because he is an asshole