Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Auti$m books for the neuroperverse

I haven't posted in a while as I've seen less significant activity at the blogs of the anti-cure enemies. But a lot has been on my mind as I've been away long, and much of it angers and nearly enrages me. So I've been compelled to talk of what I see to be going on, now that the phony advocates have brought themselves onto broader and influential forums. I bet many of you have heard of this new book that has come out by some "educational consultant", Thomas Armstrong PhD, called: Neurodiversity: Discovering the Extraordinary Gifts of Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Brain Differences. From looking at the list of the other books this charlatan has published, he's obviously one of those phonies who promotes a lot of corny nonsense regarding education and intelligence. The usual hogwash bolstered with a lot of creative trickery, to try to convince others that anyone can succeed, that intelligence doesn't matter, that there are "multiple intelligences", and which even rolls together intelligence with totally unrelated concepts in a meaningless way. There's nothing in his credentials and accomplishments to back up the huge list of his claims.

With the kind of books this guy writes, I bet he preys on weak-willed desperate parents who have reason to worry for their childrens' chances at success, in which delusions typical to what he writes go along with their demoralization. Now this phony, not having made enough money from the saps who read his other books, is going to try to make another chunk of money by getting involved in the burgeoning farce of misinformation and bizarre outlooks about the autism spectrum. Just when you thought there weren't enough ways to line one's pockets off of this problem.

From reading the kinds of stuff this guy says, I am disgusted at his daft ideas which sadly are becoming prevalently used to damage and confuse further the progression of the issues within society he talks of. This vermin, as many others are, is obsessed with the concept of "diversity" in a seemingly abstract way, in which its context in society has no necessary meaning. This scumbag's assertions are like a perversity of diversity.

I wish enough others out there would realize that this career phony has no genuine concern for youth or for their growth. His psychobabble supports the mentality of those in his racket to mold anyone and everyone into an amorphous, meaningless, yet verbosely described, slab of mud, containing no sensual qualities, and open to arbitrary interpretation. This guy has no shame for his disregard for the true misery and horrific conditions endured by autistics who hardly are even seen in the public light. I guess he has no worry of being confronted by those who he shits on. I'd like to see this useless freak get a real job for a living. The dirtbags who get off on this kind of happy-talk to accompany ignorance of misfortune need to be told to shove it.

But this is the type of jerk who seizes the opportunity when observing troublesome ambiguities in societal issues, to aggrandize himself by grabbing attention by shouting sweeping statements and making up explanations that are simple, non-challenging, and encompassing of any and all things, all with no actual proof. I have minimal faith that the many out there who have only selfish intentions, will resist to use the power and regressive nature of this putrid bullshit to support their own positions when circumstances allow.

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