Friday, July 9, 2010

Phil Gluyas is scared to respond

Phil again doesn't want to comment to me directly, but wants to just ridicule me on his response blog against me, along with his sissy kiss-up friends who make prissy and pointless remarks. He is too challenged by my rebuttals to his responses to let me comment on there. So I'll put what I have to say back here:

Autreat isn't going to promote understanding of the spectrum to those on the outside who ought to know many things of it. Who is getting informed as a result of it? You have no intention of helping those on the lower end of the spectrum as your ideas of solutions are phony delusions that contain no goal-oriented action. Autreat is run by a cabal that wants to stop efforts toward cure, and so has no regard to the progress of the lower functioning, as without a cure based on biological modification/enhancement, functioning can't go up much.

I don't want to be helped? I get tired of being at home nearly 24/7 with minimal income and having to sponge off my parents with nothing much to do with myself. You know that but your idea of help can't be anything that leads to real improved conditions. I guess you're right in that few understand the spectrum. The professionals I've encountered seemed to not really grasp just how much disability there is for many to deal with, didn't seem to grasp the pattern involved with it, and only seemed to be considering a few basic concepts involved with the spectrum.

In my situation, I think there are funding problems going on and my vocational counselor seemed to me not to want to tell me how awful the situation is with it and how long I may have to wait. But I think I've seen a lot of wasteful tendencies going on with rigid planning and repetitive, uninformative things being told to me. Stuff I already know and the such. I don't think it's fear that is preventing services. I'm starting to get the idea that many don't care, that those in control need to be urged to put forth efforts and resources.

As someone who is not a doctor, your opinion is of less validity than that of the licensed professional who diagnosed me and that of the other one who said in his opinion I was. I didn't go doctor shopping or put on some act to get recognition. What do you have to back up your assertions, and why do you resort to claiming I'm not on the spectrum? I've been wondering since 2002 about whether I was on the spectrum or not.

Who are you and the others to decide what attitude is too volatile? She hasn't demonstrated anywhere near the level of hostility that is characteristic of those favored by Autreat. Why should someone with her life experience be deprived of a platform by those who want to show no common courtesy?

I wonder what scheming characters were picked for that panel, and what kind of answers they had to the questions designed by those in control of the conference, to put on their show, and whether they made genuine and informative answers to some in attendance who may have been in dire circumstances and looking for practical answers. What could be expected of the types of individuals who control the agenda, considering what they do the rest of the time?


  1. Fuckwit Fil is a brain dead peice of retarded dogshit
    so is craig ass-scratcher, brown-eye, tex the wanker etc
    a sorry collection of mindless dickheads and bum lickers

  2. Phil is nothing but a coward. He hides behind his shiny site so he can lie all he pleases with no counters from reality.

    When one controls the media, they control public opinion. He controls his little self-made media, and it all says the same bullshit over and over, as if by repeating it enough, it will come true.

    He is a liar, and he's lying about being a liar. But then, why would a liar tell the truth about his lies?

    1. He's telling the truth. You are crazy, whoever you are.

  3. Phil doesn't have any friends. All of the characters on his stupid sites are sockpuppets.

  4. Hey look at what the little twonk has to say now

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010
    The failure of natural justice
    This is my final post on the Google version of this blog. In the next 48 hours or so - this blog and the other blogs and all my interests in Google (this includes You Tube) will be shut down.

    This was a result of two factors. The first was Google successfully pushing me out of court as previously noted. Not because I was wrong, but because they used as many lawyers as they could to bury me in technicalities and as a result sidestep the issue. Without legal representation myself I couldn't fight it.

    The second was their skirting of the privacy issue relating to my unlisted telephone number. They refused to delete it despite their Terms of Service AND Australian Privacy Law stating otherwise - and I couldn't get the Privacy Commission here off their rear ends and helping me out.

    Note that there is NO OTHER REASON why I have done this - before anyone claims to have run me off due to any so called pressure they have applied. I would prefer to stay and fight - but not on this inherently dangerous platform.

    I make this statement about Google Inc;

    Google Inc does not uphold it's own Terms of Service, in particular it's content policy. You are in fact permitted to engage in hate speech against protected groups - and they will not act. It can therefore be reasonably assumed that;

    * You can show the world how to create a bomb on their blogs - and they will not act.

    * You can smash your local law to smithereens - and they will not act.

    * You can harass children - and they will not act.

    * You can set out to shock and scare - and they will not act.

    * You can reveal a person's private details - and they will not act.

    * You can even threaten to kill another person - and they will not act.

    This is what Google Inc represent. A complete and utter lack of responsibility for the way their service and products are used. They don't care about human rights. They don't care about criminal law outside of the United States. They are wilful accomplices to disgusting and dangerous conduct in the blogosphere. Blogger, You Tube, Chrome and Gmail are not safe for Internet users and you should never use them under any circumstances. Neither are the other Google products.

    I call on the Autistic Community to shift it's interests away from Google products. Google Inc don't care about us. As far as they are concerned, we don't qualify as a protected group under their content policy. In fact, they may as well delete it. They don't uphold it, so why even have it?

    I'm leaving Google. I'm shifting to another blog product that is within Australia. I'm moving from You Tube to Live Video. I have no interest in Chrome or Gmail anyway so that doesn't change. Google Ads will be banished from the Phil's World forum in early September.

    good job and good riddance

  5. I think Phil just made this up. I'll bet they ordered him to begin treatment in a padded cell. They must have forced him to shut down his blogs too.

  6. Have you noticed the profiles of almost all his bum chums have disappeared as well
    Google must have banned him and cut off all his sockpuppets at the same time
    gluyas is a LOSER

  7. Please note that this blog belongs to a person called Lurker, who is presently in jail for theft.